If your data is gone, so is your company


Securing your data is above all about continuity. That requires much more than just anti-virus protection. As a company you want both your data and the data of your customers to be completely secure. At the same time, this should not be at the expense of productivity. It must be as unobtrusive as possible. Utilis offers security solutions for both the Cloud and physical servers at your office.

Cloud Security


Securing your data in the Cloud works very differently from securing a physical server that is located in the office where you have to take into account the chance of physical damage, such as theft or fire. Data stored in the Cloud cannot be accessed physically. The big advantage of security within the Cloud lies in the enormous scale. Microsoft alone invests around one billion dollars every year in securing their Cloud. As a small company it is impossible to leverage comparable levels of security to protect on-premises devices.

The Cloud is therefore primarily about securing your data and identity. There exist plenty of options to harden security such as 2FA (Two Factor Authentication). On login you will be prompted to input an extra code that you will receive on your Smartphone. . You can also provide extra security layers, including PIN codes and fingerprint scanners.

On-premises server


With an on-premises server there are a number of services that we provide. First of all general maintenance. With a server it is important that new updates are tested and installed as quickly as possible. At Utilis we manage this remotely, outside business hours.

It is also important to use a good virus scanner. We leverage Webroot, a next generation anti virus solution; this is installed on the PC, but works largely in the Cloud. It is therefore constantly updated with the latest information about viruses and malware. This is faster than virus scanner that is only installed on the computer. An additional advantage is that system load is much lighter than traditional anti virus solutions. When a virus is detected, the user is not disturbed by obtrusive warnings, they can continue to work normally. We receive an alert and immediately check whether the virus has actually been removed. In most cases this is an automated procedure.

We also provide DNS security, preventing you from accidentally falling victim to Phishing emails. Compromised websites serving malicious content are blocked immediately. It is also possible to block websites categories. For example, sites with pornography or violence, Social Media, video streaming.