You hire a good IT specialist because of his experience
From the moment of the first meeting to the ongoing support and management process is often a long road during which many choices have to be made. An overview from start to finish: An overview from start to finish:

1. The meeting


Prior to our first meeting with a customer we are already hard at work. We gather information from their website, look at competitors and compare our experiences with existing similar customers. Once on location we make an inventory. Naturally we listen to the wishes of the customer, but we also look further. To begin with, the physical IT infrastructure. What are our first impressions, obvious and not so obvious weak points. In consultation with the customer we scan the entire infrastructure with our “Agent”. This provides us with an overview of the computers, servers and network. Should a customer decide not to move forward we delete any data we have collected.

2. Advice


Based on our meeting and the information collected we can provide valuable advice. After further discussion and identification of the customer’s requirements we will deliver a quote. This is where Utilis delivers value through experience and expertise. We help you make the right decisions so that you only pay for what you need in the choice of hardware and software and in the field of security and management.

3. Training


Nowadays IT goes further than just organising equipment and software. People must also learn how to work with the software and systems provided. Some people are faster than others, many often need more time and guidance to fully capitalise on the benefits. Utilis can take care of this training process, crucial to making a company’s “digital transformation” a success.

4. On-boarding and beyond


The real work starts once the system is ready. Unlike on-premises systems Cloud applications are regularly updated automatically. As a user of a cloud system, it is therefore important to keep growing with the system. That way you also get the most out of it. Utilis remains involved and we help you to still work optimally within the Cloud.