Work anywhere in the world, anytime you want

That’s the big advantage of the cloud


As a Microsoft Partner Utilis can deliver all cloud products in their portfolio. From Office 365 to Microsoft Dynamics, an online CRM solution and Microsoft Project, for project management. Teams, Skype for Business and Sharepoint are also often used today.

More and more companies are moving from working from their own server to working in the Cloud. It has some great advantages:

The Cloud is ideal for flexible working


Working becomes more and more flexible. Working at home, in the office or at other locations is possible if you use a cloud system. You are no longer dependent on a physical location to access your data. With the cloud everything is everywhere and always accessible. This of course offers many advantages. Both for a company and for the employees. You can work easier from home and employees are no longer tied to the office and office hours. During a meeting you can consult your company systems and advise whether or not you can deliver a product or service and the expected delivery date. You can also record information directly, so you don’t have to do it later in the office. Furthermore, the cloud means that you are no longer tied to your work computer. You can log in with any device, including an app on your SmartPhone.

The cloud delivers simplified license management.


Almost all business software is sold using a license-based model. If you buy a product you can purchase it for one or more people or devices. This is very flexible In the cloud. You can buy the licenses required for each employee. Moreover, licenses can be added and removed as required. If someone comes to work for you temporarily, it is very easy to ‘ turn on and off ‘ a license. At Utilis we offer license management. You only need to specify which services you need for how many people. We arrange the rest.


Securing data in the cloud works very differently from securing data on its own server. For more information about this, please see the Security page.



VoIP, which stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, offers almost unlimited possibilities for telephony. Simply put, the phone is in the cloud. The telephone call is transformed into a digital signal between the call parties. You can, for example, make a cheap phone call abroad. Within companies it is increasingly adopted because of the great flexibility it offers. You can route calls directly to other locations or people outside the office. You can make and receive calls via an app on your mobile, just like Skype and you can link it with, for example, your CRM or other business applications.

Document Version Control


One of the worst things that can happen to you as a company today is data loss. For example by a technical malfunction, human action or a hack from the outside. With document version control you have the ideal backup in your hands. Every new version of a document or file will be saved every time you change it with an extended retention period of 180 days. Imagine that you edit a document ten times per day for 180 days. Then you will have 1800 versions that you can retrieve if something go wrong.