Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence empowers us to deliver the best advice
At Utilis we have a thirst for knowledge. We collect as much information as possible, automatically and manually. There is a of course a good reason for this. Simplified and on the fly retrieval of the information and history of your devices.
Suppose you have a laptop with slow performance, you think it is a year and a half old. We check our system and discover that the laptop is five years old and has had several previous users. We will advise the best course of action, for example continuing using it for light tasks or decommission and replacement. We can easily and quickly identify where problems have previously occurred on a device, software issues, hard disk which is suddenly full. We monitor devices with the aim of maintaining optimal performance. Privacy is of course important. Monitoring is carried out in consultation with the customer. We are GDPR compliant. The advantage of Business Intelligence is that we can often propose and implement proactive solutions before an issue becomes a problem.