About us

Ewan is the owner and founder of Utilis. He was born in Scotland, lived in Paris for more than a decade then moved in 2004 with his company to the Netherlands. He has many years experience working in the IT sector. His interest in computers began during his school days in the 1980s. That interest became professional when he started working for an international company in France. Over time, Ewan was assigned more and more tasks due to his affinity for IT. He decided to start his own IT company, Utilis.

Robert is pure IT. He has been with Utilis for four years. Previously he worked for Reuters who, apart from providing news services, also deliver real-time stock exchange information. Robert was responsible for IT clients in the Netherlands, the majority of which were financial institutions and large companies.

Together they deliver bespoke IT solutions to SMEs. Their main motivation lies in the possibilities that technology offers to make life simpler and the challenge that the work brings.

Robert: “As an IT professional you work with ones and zeros. It is right or it is wrong. At least, that’s what many people think. In reality you often encounter unexpected problems and it is a huge puzzle to find out why something does not work. I love that. You are constantly thinking in terms of solutions. Both for the technology, but also for the customers.”

Robert and Ewan are also active internationally. They have clients in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, the United Kingdom, the United States and United Arab Emirates. Working in another language is no problem for them. In addition to Dutch, customers can communicate in English, French and German.

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