Making IT better

Support and Management

We keep a close eye on our customers systems remotely. When an issue is detected our systems take the appropriate remedial action or escalate the issue for further troubleshooting.


As a Microsoft Partner Utilis can deliver all cloud products in their portfolio. From Office 365 to Microsoft Dynamics, an online CRM solution and Microsoft Project, for project management.


Securing your data is above all about continuity. That requires much more than just anti-virus protection. As a company you want both your data and the data of your customers to be completely secure.

Business Intelligence

At Utilis we have a thirst for knowledge. We collect as much information as possible, automatically and manually. There is a of course a good reason for this. Simplified and on the fly retrieval of the information and history of your devices.



From the moment of the first meeting to the ongoing support and management process is often a long road during which many choices have to be made. An overview from start to finish:


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About us

Ewan is the owner and founder of Utilis. He was born in Scotland, lived in Paris for more than a decade then moved in 2004 with his company to the Netherlands. He has many years experience working in the IT sector.

Robert is pure IT. He has been with Utilis for four years. Previously he worked for Reuters who, apart from providing news services, also deliver real-time stock exchange information. Robert was responsible for IT clients in the Netherlands, the majority of which were financial institutions and large companies.


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