The days of protecting your company IT with a standard virus scanner or firewall are coming to an end. Cybercriminals are rapidly becoming professional organisations. It is important that you as a company adopt countermeasures to combat this. “Endpoint Protection” is the new standard within IT security operations. Why? Read further to find out more.

From annoying, to disrupting, to disaster

Cybercriminals are a burden; creative, clever and professional Cyber criminals are a pest, but Cybercriminals who use AI and Machine Learning are a horror scenario. Unfortunately, this is exactly what you need to take into account as a company in the coming years. Cybercrime is like printing money. These days, the danger comes not only from criminal nerds (so-called Script Kiddies) hiding out in their mom’s basement; certain governments are also fully committed to cyber espionage and have virtually unlimited resources at their disposal.

“Traditional” methods are no longer sufficient.

As with viruses, traditional scanners and firewalls can only detect malware if it is on their “black list”. They must have appeared before and then have been published as malware. But what if you have developed an polymorphic virus that adapts every time it appears and even automatically learns how to inflict the most damage? Traditional virus scanners are no longer able to react effectively to new dangers. Simply because there are delays in registering a new virus and updates need to be pushed to every device. Delays have consequences.

Endpoint Protection

A fresh approach is required to better respond to such malware: Endpoint Protection. Connecting all users of firewalls and virus scanners via the cloud instantly creates an extensive, worldwide network. When a new virus is detected on a single computer, that information is automatically transmitted to the entire network. By automating both the recognition, processing and update of the blacklist, it not only protects the members of the cloud network, but also your internal network. This makes it much simpler to stop a virus outbreak.


At Utilis, we use Webroot. By implementing Webroot your company gains access to a worldwide network of 87000 companies that work invisibly together via Webroot BrightCloud to keep everyone safe. Together we are stronger; given the ever evolving threat landscape this is good thing too!

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