Searching for ‘ IT company in Amsterdam ‘ on Google delivers more than sixteen million results. That’s almost one for every inhabitant of the Netherlands. There is no shortage of IT companies offering support and services. With so many offers it can be difficult to choose. There is always another company, with different services and prices. At Utilis we take a different approach. Our own vision and relationship-oriented way of working. Interested? Read through our blog articles. At Utilis we focus on these five areas:
  • Support and Management
  • Cloud
  • Security
  • Business Intelligence
  • Consultancy
Most IT companies offer similar services such as cloud and security. However there are also a few areas where we believe we make the difference. Especially in the fields of Support and Management and Business Intelligence. We automate as much as possible whilst keeping things personal. Utilis is a company with a large international client portfolio. That has its advantages. We can quickly adapt through our personal knowledge of customers. In order to continuously monitor our customers’ IT infrastructures we make use of automated systems That is a choice both we and our customers are very happy with! Our industry standard monitoring systems deliver instant alerts whenever an issue or security problem is detected. We then get to work and the problem is usually solved before the user is aware that something is wrong. Business Intelligence Our expertise in the field of Business Intelligence reinforces our support and management activities in every way. Our automated processes allow us to monitor all of our customers ‘ software and hardware. Suppose you have a laptop with slow performance, you think it is a year and a half old. We check our system and discover that the laptop is five years old and has had several previous users. We will advise the best course of action, for example continuing using it for light tasks or decommission and replacement. We monitor devices with the aim of maintaining optimal performance. Utilis That is Utilis in a nutshell. A personal and intelligent IT company that keeps an eye on everything for you so you can concentrate on your own business. We will be publishing blog articles on a regular basis, these will be informative, short stories of what we encounter in our work and the solutions we use. Tips and tricks that you can use to improve your IT work environment. And of course you can always contact us with any questions or remarks. Click here. See you next time! Would you like to know more about our services? Please contact us! You can call +31 20 717 3137, or mail to [email protected].